Online Subscription Form

Subscription holders to the County of Cumberland ASH Branch will receive branch news, information about committee meetings & will have first preference for information days & clinics hosted by the branch. Subscription holders are eligible to enter the Annual Pointscore Awards & restricted CCASH Subscription holder classes at the County of Cumberland Branch Show.

An individual, family or partnership subscription holder (member) cannot be a member of any other Australian Stock Horse Branch to be eligible to be a County of Cumberland ASH Branch subscription holder and /or compete in the Annual Pointscore Awards or restricted CCASH subscription holder events at any County of Cumberland ASH Branch event.

Once this form has been completed online it will be submitted to our Treasurer. Payment is then to be made for your subscription to be processed. The following payment options apply:

 - Electronic Funds Transfer to:    County of Cumberland ASH Branch
                                                                      BSB: 062-121
                                                                     Account: 10965246
                                                                     Ref: Your surname

- Cheque made out to:                     County of Cumberland ASH Branch
                                                                    CCASH Treasurer
                                                                    633 Castlereagh Road
                                                                   Agnes Banks NSW 2753

2017 - 2018 CCASH Branch Subscription Form