2018 Annual Branch Show & Futuritie

Winners & Placegetters

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Champion Led Hertiage Horse
Nethaway Touch of Class

Supreme Led Junior Horse
Nethaway Top Class

Supreme Led Senior Horse
Nethaway Touch of Class

Supreme Ridden Horse of the Show
M-Jay Willow

Supreme Ridden Youth Horse
Brown Duke

Supreme Intermediate Horse
Laceys Coorumbena Martina
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The Coordinated Landscapes - Yearling Futurity
  1. Nethaway Top Class
  2. Glen Lee Rivoli Atari
  3. Glen Lee Rivoli Icon
  4. Kallenia Diva
  5. Waymere Oaks Watchout
Miles Mechanics Tyres & More 2 Year Old Futurity
  1. Eurella Beersheba
  2. Secretheart Tiger Bruce
  3. Jilliby Sienna
  4. Icewood Fair
  5. .
The Glen Lee ASH 3 Year Old Futurity
  1. Peppertree Farm Cassie
  2. Stayput First Witness
  3. Hydeout Ellie
  4. Braeview Porscha
  5. Braeview Pilbara
The STSM 4 Year old Maturity
  1. Derowrie Serendipity
  2. Nethaway Touch of Class
  3. Waymere Oaks Latitude
  4. Tanglewood Ribbons
  5. Evans Park Royal Routine
The Encouragement Challenge
  1. Nethaway Touch of Class
  2. Kyeema Kombi
  3. Glen Lee Question
  4. Glen Lee Musket
  5. Struan Parks Just a Glimpse
The CCASH Open Challenge
  1. Willowby Excelerator
  2. Derowrie Serendipity
  3. Silverthorn Man O War
  4. Peppertree farm Cassie
  5. Silverthorn Sapphire
The Juvenile Challenge
  1. Runaroo Tomcat
  2. Coolidowns Phantom
  3. Coolidowns Conrad
  4. Ima Justice
  5. Doongara Primrose
The Junior Challenge
  1. Oasis Budd Bunndy
  2. Myee Champagne
  3. Lone Pine Connie
  4. Werombi Pines JP
  5. Falandy Jackson

Camelot Horse Rugs High Point Youth 
Junior: Holly Burgess - Myee Champagne
Juvenile: Brielle Powell - Runaroo Tomcat

Impressa Rugs H-Point Unreg Youth
Torah Kelly - Billy
Led Heritage Mare
Nethaway Touch of Class

Led Heritage Stallion
Glen Lee Inclusive

Led Heritage Gelding
Glen Lee Rivoli Lynx

Champion Junior Handler
Ch:    R Beaver
Res:  Torah Kelly

Champion Juvenile Handler
Ch:   Dylan Smith
Res: Brielle Powell

Champion Led Yearling
Ch:   Nethaway Top Class
Res: Glen Lee Rivoli Icon

Champion Led 2 Year Old
Ch:   Eurella Beersheba
Res:  Secretheart Tiger Bruce

Champion Led 3 Year Old
Ch:   Braeview Pilbara
Res: Braeview Porscha

Champion Ridden Junior Horse
Ch: Icewood Fair
Res: Peppertree Farm Cassie

Champion Juvenile Rider
Ch:   Brielle Powell
Res: Brydie McKillop

Champion Junior Rider
Ch:    Holly Burgess
Res:  R Beaver

Champion Junior Hack
Ch:    Oasis Bud Bunndy
Res:  (Darby Frazer)

Champion Juvenile Hack
Ch:   Brown Duke
Res: Coolidowns Conrad

Champion Junior Working
Ch:   Oasis Bud Bunndy
Res: Myee Champagne

Champion Juvenile Working
Ch:  Runaroo Tomcat
Res: Doongara Primrose

Champion Led Stallion
Ch:  Tamarang Destinys Symphony
Res: Win D Fortitude

Champion Led Mare
Ch:   Nethaway Touch of Class
Res: Glen Lee Rivoli Romantic Tech

Champion Led Gelding
Ch:   Nethaway Tech
Res: Glen Lee Rivoli Risque

Champion Galloway Hack
Ch:   MJay Willow
Res:  Coolidowns Tom Thumb

Champion Hack
Ch:   Nethaway Touch of Class
Res: Glen Lee Rivoli Lynx

Champion Working Galloway
Ch:   Derowrie Serendipity
Res: Silverthorn Man O War

Champion Working Hack
Ch:   Tamarang Destinys Symphony
Res:  Playmore Roulette