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As a subscription holder of the County of Cumberland ASH Branch you will:
   - receive Branch newsletters
   - receive information about training days, clinics & meetings
   - be eligible to enter the Annual Pointscore competition
   - be eligible to enter the restricted CCASH classes at our Annual Branch Show

Our Subscription year runs from 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019. To subscribe, please complete the or Online Subscription Form or the below form to send to the CCASH Branch Treasurer.

NOTE: Subscriptions will need to be recieved at least 14 days prior to the show to be eligible to enter the restricted CCASH events.

Our History

Formed in 1972, the County of Cumberland ASH Branch has been proudly supporting & representing Australian Stock Horse Members in the Sydney region for over 40 years.

Over the past 40 years, the County of Cumberland ASH Branch has held successful training days with many of Australia's leading instructors, hosted more than 40 Annual Branch Shows and had members represent the Australian Stock Horse Society in public events including the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games.

We were proud to have one of our member's horses on display on in the 2013 ASH Display in the Kelato Breed Village.  A big thank you to Stephan Bates for taking the lovley 'Kirkbys Stud Elastic' aka Trudy down to Equitana for the duration of the event.

2017 marked our 45th Annual Show & Futurities which was a fantastic success with over 50 youth competitors on the Youth Day, 49 futurity horses & strong numbers in our open classes despite the sudden moved. We had over $8,000 in sponsorship in both product and cash, ensuring that every event was sponsored.

Branch Meetings

All County of Cumberland ASH Branch subscription holders are invited to attend out Branch Meetings. Meetings are generally held bi-monthly, but this can depend upon the activities currently being undertaken by the branch.

The Branch Meetings are an opportunity to 'horsey' people to get together and look at how we can contribute to our subscription holders, competitors and society. At the meetings, there are reports given from our delegates who attend the ASHLA meetings & State Management Council meetings.

The Branch Meetings cover the management of branch, our activities including training days, information days, clinics and of course our show. We welcome any ideas and suggestions for different types of services that we can offer our subscription holders and competitors alike.

If you would like to know what is going on in the Branch and State, attending our Branch Meeting is a great way to find out!

Hope to see you at the upcoming meetings!

Looking for an Accredited ASH Judge or Coach?

The Australian Stock Horse association encourages all ASH competitions to be judged by an ASHS Accredited Judge.  If you are looking for an Accredited ASH for your upcoming event, please follow the below link to access the ASHS National Accredited Judges List.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited judge for the ASH Society, you will need to apply through head office and attend a judges accreditation weekend. For more information on becoming an Accredited Judge, please follow the below link.

Becoming an ASHS Accredited Judge - There is judges clinic being held in Canberra in June 2018, please visit the ASH website for more information.

Please see the ASH Coaches Page

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Our Committee

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Vice Presidents
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Vicki Mascord

Robert Banning

Jaci Norris
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ASH State Delegates
Vicki Mascord
Reva Flint
Kylie Mannix
Bronwen Blake

ASHLA State Delegates
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